Ep 28 무소유 / Come Bless the Lord

샌디에고 가톨릭방송 전경아입니다 [무소유]
‘그러니까 무엇인가를 갖는다는 것은 다른 한편 무엇인가에 얽매인다는 뜻이다.’ (법정스님 저서 ‘무소유’ 중에서)
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Praise and Phrase with Jini [Come Bless the Lord]
In today's Praise and Phrase, Jini promotes A Benefit Concert for the Missionaries of the Poor - by Father Richard Ho Lung and Friends Jamaican Five Tenors. All proceeds will go straight to the Missionaries of the Poor. http://www.missionariesofthepoor.org/ Introducing 2 songs from the MOP Brothers: "Come Bless the Lord" and "Our Father". Enjoy the Caribbean spirited praise songs!
#MOPjamaica #missionariesofthepoor #fatherholung

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