샌가방 (샌디에고 가톨릭 방송)은 프로페셔널 성우가 아닌 평범한 신자들이 모여서 만들고 있습니다.
영리를 목적으로 하지 않고, 가톨릭 생활성가를 많이 들려 드립니다.

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고맙습니다~ 사랑합니다~
전경아 세실리아

Welcome to the San Diego Korean Catholic Podcast!
This is a not-for-profit program intended to promote the good words of Our Lord and share the songs that praise His name-- brought to you by two hosts, Cecilia and Jini, and their technical supporter Fred, who are parishioners of the St. Columba Catholic Church in San Diego, CA.

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