Ep13 하느님 자비주일 / Because He Lives

가톨릭방송 전경아입니다 [하느님 자비주일]
하느님께서 파우스티나 성녀에게 계시한 내용에 따라 2001년부터 부활 제2주일을 '하느님의 자비 주일'로 지냅니다. 성녀의 가장 큰 덕목인 ‘의탁’, 우리도 내어 맡기는 삶을 살아야 겠네요.
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Praise and Phrase with Jini - Nicole Mullen’s Because He Lives and Jini’s Latin Mass Experience
Happy Easter everyone! Today’s song is Nicole C. Mullen’s “Because He Lives”. It is from her album, “Crown Him: Hymns Old and New”. The song is a very simple yet soulful piece from a Contemporary Gospel musician. Just her rich vocals and acoustic guitar. You’ll love it. Oh, and I ramble on about how great the Latin Mass was last Easter Sunday. Hope you had a good one, too.
#nicole_mullen #because_he_lives #easter
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