JJ#029 지니와 배우는 Praise and Phrase - Just Like You by Matt Maher

예수님 처럼 되고싶고, 예수님이 이끄시는 곳은 어디든 가고싶고, 예수님과 더 깊은 사랑에 빠지고 싶다… 라고 하는 노래입니다.

코러스 부분 영어 가사 배워보겠습니다.

Revive my heart, renew my soul
In You, oh Lord, I am made whole
No more in fear will I wander
'Cause you're my God
My Lord and Lover

Like a burning fire
Be my one desire

I wanna be holy, just like You
I wanna go where You lead me to
With reckless abandon to Your truth
I wanna fall deeper in love with You

Oh lift me up, God my Father
In all this world, there is no other
I'm dancing in Your holy presence
And Your glory fills all my senses

Like a burning fire
Be my one desire